Harmful effects of electronic waste on the environment

Electronic gadgets are more widely used in this era electronic gadgets have also contributed to a lot of electronic waste has harmed the environment in several different ways. When we read this, it becomes very unbelievable for us to understand how the technology that was used to benefit mankind can appear to be so much harm to us. Eradicating e-waste has the similar effect as of the eco-friendly polypropylene bags after the plastic ban.

Though we are taking steps to reduce the pollution caused by e-waste there are still harmful effects of the same on the environment.

Here are a few harmful effects of electronic waste on the environment.

  • Several electronic gadgets such as computer mobile phones contain toxic materials like zinc, nickel, lead, flame retardants, chromium and barium. These toxic materials are very harmful to humans. If lead is released into the environment then it can cause damage human kidneys and blood as well as on the central nervous system. Lead has several life-threatening effects on the referral system is well which can lead to paralysis.
  • When any of these electronic gadgets are warmed up or heated up they release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and damage the air quality. The damage to the atmosphere then by these gases is one of the major side effects of using electronic gadgets and generating e-waste on a large amount.
  • When all of this electronic waste is thrown away in the landfill all of the toxic material present in them sleep through the groundwater and gets mixed with land and sea. The sentences the life of animals living on both land as well as in the ocean. It also affects the health of human beings on a great level in developing countries because most of the electronic waste is dumped in those countries.
  • When electronic waste is disposed of only 10% of the cell phones recycled. In the United States, people buy cell phones every 12 to 18 months which generates electronic waste to a huge amount. Does more electronic waste is generated with a lack of intent for recycling and these ways cause several environmental issues as it is continuously increasing?
  • In China, several residents have suffered from different types of substantial digestive issues, respiratory problems, neurological, and bone problems because of the increasing amount of e-waste. Guiyu receives shipments consisting of toxic e-waste from all over the world which can be the reason for the troubled state of people.

What happens when you are not aware of the e-waste?

As a responsible citizen can become our first and foremost duty that we are aware of all the factors that are causing pollution in the environment. Electronic waste is one of them and must be used judiciously. If you are not aware of the e-waste that has been produced then you are risking the environment and exposing it to so many problems. Stay aware of the e-waste and help to conserve your planet.

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