What You Need to Know about Industrial Chillers Systems

Could your business benefit from using industrial chillers systems? Keep reading to learn more about these portable cooling devices and how to choose the right system for your company.

What Are Industrial Chillers?

These portable heat-removal systems are used in industrial and commercial buildings. They are a refrigeration system that can help you cool down fluids by removing the heat or dehumidify the air. Chillers are popular because they cool down hot equipment quickly, which prevents lags in production.

How Do Chillers Work?

There’s 4-step process that occurs when chilling equipment is used. The first process is the refrigeration process when the heat is transferred and removed from the industrial equipment. This lowers the temperature.

Step two is when the evaporation process begins. Depending on the type of chiller you’re using, water-cooled or air-cooled, the evaporation process causes the air or water to boil. Once this happens the heat quickly turns into a vapor.

The third step happens after the vapor forms and it makes its way into a compressor. Once inside the compressor the pressure and temperature increase.

The final step, is the condensation phase. This is when the vapor reaches a lower temperature and turns back into liquid.

Which Type of Chiller Works Best?

Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers each have their sets of pros and cons. Water-cooled chillers have a long lifespan and do a better job removing heat and are more efficient. However, the up-front cost of the chiller and its high maintenance costs can turn some companies off from this method. They also require more space.

If you’re tight on space and don’t want the upfront expense of installing a water-cooled chiller, an air-cooled chiller is a great option. Although it has a lower lifespan and is less energy efficient, it has much lower maintenance costs.

To find the right chiller for your building, it’s a good idea work with industrial chillers manufacturers to find the perfect fit for your cooling needs.

Industrial chiller systems are a sophisticated refrigeration process that will help you maintain constant productivity. When you install a system manufactured from quality materials by a company with a history of delivering great products and services, you know that you can expect years of uninterrupted service. Chillers are diverse products and serve numerous purposes for many industries. The variety and versatility of industrial chillers is unsurpassed.

To learn more about the heat-removal process or to purchase a system, find a manufacturer of industrial chillers systems near you.

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