Use Movement to Move People to Your Store

If you have a brick and mortar location, you need to bring people into your store no matter how good your Internet store is doing. Creating traffic for your physical location will help keep you in business while giving you insulation against the vagaries of search engine algorithms. It’s an instinct to look at movement that one sees out of the corner of the eye. Digital signs, window displays, and feather flags use that tendency to create interest in your business.

Digital Signs

A digital sign can allow you to do several different things. No longer are you limited to red scrolling letters. You can show video, create effects, and use a sign that will help you generate more interest than a static sign ever could. Digital signs are also great for when the sun goes down. Because they can be seen at night, they provide 24-hour advertising that you control. You just need to make sure that the sign is okay with your business or building association.

Window Display

There are few things that are more captivating than a window display that uses movement. Macy’s windows are famous for their inventiveness that includes movement. Disneyland uses movement in their window displays on Main Street, U.S.A. Take a page out of the playbook from the past and design engaging window displays that show off your store while providing entertainment and a connection to the nostalgic past. Telling stories is one way to engage people; your window display should tell a story. Do it right, and your window display can be used on your social media and with YouTube, so you get more out of your inventive designs than just a way to drive foot traffic! It could also drive Internet traffic.

Feather and Custom Flags

Flags are a great way to use the wind. You could go with a string of generic pennant flags, but these don’t say anything about your store. A custom flag is great to put outside on top of your building if it will be visible or you can hang it from a pole out front. Feather flags are another type of flag that looks great out front, and you can customize these to include what your store offers inside. Because these types of flags are vertical and always taut, the words are always visible, which can be a bonus if you live in a place that has less wind.

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