Calculate the Dimensions of Your Dining Room Chandelier Using These Simple Steps

The dining room is where we assemble together with our family/friends to enjoy a meal. It is the space where we’ll be creating many special memories. Deck it up with stellar lighting fixtures. The best lighting ideas are the ones that are involved in a lot of planning. Whatever be your choice of lighting, make sure it enhances the sophistication and intimacy to the room.

Decide on the shape:

Nothing seems sophisticated like a bold rectangular chandelier dining room center piece. Choose a shape that goes well with your dining table shape. If it is a round table, round chandeliers win hands-down. For rectangular tables, opt for linear fixtures or multiple pendants.

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Determining the size of the chandelier:

The size of the chandelier is important. You don’t want to end up with something too big or too small. You’ll have to consider the dimensions of the room before deciding on the size.

  • Ideal chandelier width with respect to room dimensions: Use the blueprint of the room to know about its length and width or measure both. Add both the measurements and convert it to inches unit to calculate the ideal width of chandelier.
  • Ideal chandelier width with respect to table size: If you want the chandelier to be the centerpiece of your dining room, the diameter of the chandelier should lie between one-half and two-thirds of the table width. If the ceiling is over 8 feet, see that the chandelier’s width is one foot less than the table width.

Determining chandelier height: For rooms where the ceiling height is proportional to the room size, measure the ceiling height. Multiply this height with 2.3 or 3 and convert it into inches to determine the ideal height of the fixture. For instance: A 24-inch chandelier would be apt for an 8-foot ceiling.

Chain length: If the ceiling is 8-feet high, the chandelier can be hung at a height between 30 and 23 inches. If the ceiling is over 8 feet, the chandelier can be hung at a height between 36 and 40 inches.

Do you wish to hang two or more chandeliers?

Divide the table width by the number of fixtures and add one to it. The resulting number is the ideal width/diameter for each chandelier.

In general, decorative chandeliers emit low-level lighting. The purpose of them is to establish the cozy vibe of the room and direct the attention to the centre of the room. Opt for an LED chandelier if you are looking for brighter options or layer the lights with recessed lights and wall scones.

The choice of right sized chandelier elevates the entire ambience of the room. Find one that is proportional to your room’s height and width. All it requires is some simple math.

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