Office Preparation Guide for VIP Visits

How do you get your office ready for high-ranking or important visitors? Whether they’re C-suite members, prospective partners, politicians, or celebrities, VIPs require more than just simple preparation. After all, if you start off on the wrong foot, the deal or promotion you’ve been working on can be called off in a snap. But, if you make a favorable first impression, you have better chances of hitting your targets. To help you out, here’s a simple guide on what to do.

Early VIP Treatment

When VIPs are scheduled to visit your office, they should feel welcome even before they arrive. For starters, you can arrange a car service and a hotel reservation for them. If they’ve already booked beforehand, your offer will be seen as a professional act of courtesy. But, if they haven’t set up anything, what you’ve prepared for them will be a life-saver.

You should also provide a map to your building; and, as a tip, feature your suggested restaurants and other amenities around the city. Don’t forget to take them out to dinner if they have free time.

Prepare your Staff

As the host, it’s your responsibility to notify all members of your office that a VIP is visiting. Inform the reception staff and security of your guest’s name, what they look like, when they’re expected to arrive, and any other special requirements.

Also, keep in mind that some VIPs may need extra protection. For this, hiring professional security personnel and setting up stanchions and ropes might be necessary. This helps show your guests that their safety is your top priority.

Clean the Office

How your space looks speaks volumes about your business and how you run it. Untidy work areas, tangled wiring, cluttered electronics, and rowdy employees leave an unfavorable impression on your special guest. To prevent these, include the following in your preparation checklist.

  • Clean the bathroom, pantry, lobby, parking lot, and general workspace.
  • Set up tech equipment and ensure all units are working.
  • Reserve the meeting room.
  • Prepare snacks and refreshments.
  • Set up a stage if necessary.

VIP visits can be intimidating, but only if you’re unprepared. If you set up your venue ahead of time, with all equipment, décor, and rope and stanchions in place, your guests will be delighted by this first-class treatment. Who knows, you might make more than just a favorable first impression and increase your chances of boosting your career. To learn about what else you can do, discuss your options with a more experienced manager.

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