Home Interiors Tips – Customize Chandeliers According to Your Personalized Requirements

Lighting is one of the most important when you are building a new home or renovating a room. Chandeliers are an excellent and sophisticated lighting option which has the power to instantly elevate the aesthetics of any room. Gone are the days chandeliers were reserved for traditional homes equipped with high ceilings.

Choose the chandelier based on your room:

Modern day chandeliers are extremely versatile and suit any house style. There are an overwhelming number of chandelier options available. The dimensions of the chandelier are as important as its style. It is essential to find one that goes well with your room’s color theme and fits just perfect in your room or else the essence is lost.

Looking for a chandelier? Check out the extensive designs available on Sofary.com. They are the perfect choice for chandeliers owing to their highest quality crystals available at manufacturing prices. Don’t find the size, color or style you are looking for? They still provide a solution within 2 business days of contacting them. Customize chandelier  as per you needs.

Chandeliers make a grand statement but it should be hung at the right height to leave the desired impact. Calculate the right chandelier size depending on the height and size of room and let the customer help team at Sofary know about your lighting requirements.

Size and color customization:

If you found an attractive chandelier but want a different color or size, drop an email to [email protected] stating your requirements including:

  • Product SKU number or the link of the chandelier
  • Preferred base color
  • Size requirements (You could use their sizing guide for calculating the right fit for your room)

Design customization:

Do you have a design a mind? Send an email to [email protected] stating your requirements including:

  • An image or a drawing of the desired chandelier
  • Base color
  • Dimensions

While deciding on the chandelier styles, you’ll also have to consider how easy it is to clean the chandelier and change the light bulbs. You can either install a winch or hoist using which you can hoist the chandelier down when needed. On the downside hoists are expensive and have to be installed by experts.

A better alternative would be to have it customized with a chain suspension or longer cable. This ensures a custom fit and is easier to reach. Opt for LED light bulbs as their life expectancy is 15 years and you wouldn’t have to change the bulbs often.

If you are aiming for a luxurious look for a traditional style home, you can choose multi-tier ones or multi-arm light fittings. If you are looking for more subtle designs for a modern house, you can choose ring, petal shape or fruit-shape chandeliers which don’t look over-the-top.

Cleaning chandeliers:

  • Turn off the power
  • Replace the worn-out light bulbs, if any.
  • Gently clean the other bulbs
  • Use a light muslin cloth to remove cobwebs
  • Spray a crystal cleaner avoiding the bulb sockets. Read the cleaning instructions.

Clean your chandeliers once in a while and avoid dust buildup. That way you can retain the original sparkle for years to come.

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