Professional Listed Tips to Clean Your Home Drain Yourself

Cleaning drains ensure enjoying unclogged drains usage and even increase the lifespan of the plumbing system. You don’t have to call in professionals to clean the drainage pipes, sewers and sink holes every few months. You can do it yourself by following the easy to do methods listed by experienced plumbers.

You can unblock drains Sydney home without any hassle or stress. The guidelines are put forward on many informative websites of well acclaimed plumbing companies in Australia like WILCO Relining.  Once you visit their site, you are sure to know ample ways to keep your home drains always clean.

Here is the DIY list to clean drains:

  • Once in a week at night make sure to pour caustic soda, vinegar or baking soda in the pipe holes of the sink and toilet. In the morning pour boiling water in the holes to remove all the sticky materials stuck in the hole.
  • Use removable filters over the sink holes and in the bathroom drain holes. It helps to clean the waste material like tissue papers and hair tangled over them. You can use old coat hanger by bending it to remove the clogging materials every week.
  • A plunger is the best solution to remove debris in your yard drains. It will remove the clogging materials however not the soil and dust accumulated in the drains. Hence, use netted filters to prevent soil from entering the drains.
  • Cleaning the U – bend of sink pipes isn’t hard work. Yes, it is essential to clean the bend to let water flow easily through the pipes. You need to loosen the slip nuts for cleaning the U bend and to scrub the oily sticky waste inside the pipe. You can keep a bucket underneath the U – bend for preventing spilling of dirty water.
  • Can use over the counter bought cleaning liquids. Today, you get organic concentrated cleaning liquid for safe cleaning of drains.
  • Keep some plumbing tools at home. They are quite useful to remove the waste materials from pipes every fortnight.

You can use preventive methods like throwing all waste materials in the waste bin instead of letting them move inside the drainage pipes. Many people have the habit to comb their hair in front of the bathroom sink. The hair that sheds moves on directly into the sink pipe and gets tangled inside with the other waste sticky material like the soap residue. Hence, it will be beneficial to comb hair and do makeup elsewhere outside the bathroom.

Sometimes you harm yourself while cleaning the drainage system at home. This discomfort can be avoided with ease by following certain safety tips.

They are:

  • Wear gloves while cleaning the drains using chemicals.
  • Use the tools slowly and don’t be in haste to open the screws if U – Bend pipes. Otherwise you will get hurt and dirty water will spread all over the floor.
  • The tools like plumbing snakes can damage the pipes if not used properly.

To gain expert plumbing advise anytime can contact well popular plumbers before you harm yourself and your drainage system.

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